MHCS302 with Vacuum Chuck System

Heating & Cooling Stage MHCS302


    • Wide temperature range;
    • Programmable temperature controller;
    • High precision and high resolution temperature measurement and control;
    • Software or Manual control Horizontal and vertical mounting;
    • Open access to the sample (without cover);
    • Multi vacuum zones for different wafer sizes.

MHCS302 Technical Specification

Temperature Range Configured from the room  to 300°C (400 °C available)
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C with MTDC600 Temperature Controller
Temperature Stability ±0.1°C at 100 °C with MTDC600 Temperature Controller
Temperature Control Method Switching PID
Min/Max Heating rate Min 0.1°C/Max 100°C.
Temperature Control Sensor RTD
Sample Area 50mmx50mm

System Configuration

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