Heating & Cooling Stage MHCS600-XY

MHCS600-XY Features:

      • Vacuum or Gas Tight Environments
      • Wide temperature range
      • Programmable temperature controller
      • High precision and high resolution temperature measurement and control
      • Software or Manual control
      • XY sample positioning
      • 3 Lemo connectors x 4 pins
      • Vacuum port, gas port, vacuumed 4/6 or 8 pins electrical feedthrough
      • Water cooling frame

MHCS600-XY Technical Specification

Temperature Range -190°C to 600°C
(below ambient operation; requires optional cooling accessory)
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C with MTDC600 Temperature Controller
Temperature Stability ±0.1°C at 100°C with MTDC600 Temperature Controller
Minimum Heating Rate 0.1°C/min
Maximum heating Rate 150°C/min
Maximum cooling Rate 60°C/min
Temperature Control Method Switching PID-PID
Temperature Control Sensor RTD
Heating/cooling Block Silver
Thermal Stage Operating Working Distance 13.1mm
Thermal Stage Operating Condencer Distance 15.6mm
Sample Area 40mmx40mm
Sample Chamber Height 12.1mm
Windows Material Fused Silica
Sample Viewing Aperture 30mm top window
2mm for transmitted light (larger aperture optional)
Sample Positioning XY positioning system for remote manipulation in closed chambers
Electrical Feed-throught 3 Lemo connectors x 4 pins
Vacuum/gas tight port KF40 (other per request)

System Configuration

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