Heating & Cooling Stage MHCS400

MHCS400 Features

    • Wide temperature range
    • Programmable temperature controller
    • High precision and high resolution temperature measurement & control
    • Software or manual control
    • Precession XY micro positioner (optional)
    • ​Wide range of viewing apartures
    • Removable cover for easy sample access
    • Horizontal & vertical mounting
    • Gas purge test chamber
    • Cooling accessories
    • Water cooling frame

MHCS400 Technical Specification

Temperature Range -190°C to 400°C
(Below ambient requires cooling accessories)
Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
Temperature Stability ±0.1°C at 100°C with MTDC600 Temperature Controller
Minimum Heating Rate 0.1°C/min
Maximum heating Rate 150°C/min
Maximum cooling Rate 60°C/min
Temperature Control Method Switching PID-PID
Temperature Control Sensor RTD
Heating/cooling Block Silver
Thermal Stage Operating Working Distance 6.1mm (other per request)
Thermal Stage Operating Condencer Distance 13.3mm (other per request)
Sample Area 40mm x 40mm (other sample area optional)
Sample Chamber Height Standard 5mm (other per request)
Sample Viewing Aperture 32mm (other per request)
2.5mm for transmitted light

System Configuration

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